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Ideas and Resources

How you take part in EqualiTeas is entirely up to you, there is no limit to what you can do.

After you register your EqualiTeas event you will receive an official Host’s pack, which will include:

  • tablecloth board game
  • pack of debate cards
  • selfie placard
  • party banner
  • cookie cutter
  • recipe card
  • badges

We have 4000 packs to be claimed, get yours before they have gone. Packs will be sent out in May 2018!

If you are a uniformed group, such as Scouts, Guides or Woodcraft Folk, you can also claim a free woven badge for each participating young person. Simply fill out our online evaluation form, which we’ll send you after your event, and let us know who took part and where to send your badges.


EqualiTeas is all about getting people together, so it’s a great opportunity to share stories and ideas about democracy.

Sharing Stories

Why not invite people who have a story to tell about democracy? Your local community might include someone whose great grandmother was a suffragette, or who has experience of campaigning for equal rights today. Or perhaps your local history society, school or uniformed group (such as Scouts or Guides) has done some research on the people in your community who helped campaign for the right to vote.

You could ask your special guests to share their stories with people in the room, either by giving a talk or mingling with your other guests. Make sure you let everyone know who’s there so they can ask questions.

Democracy where you live

Democracy is an important part of our lives. The people who represent us make decisions that affect every aspect of our lives. Think about inviting your local MP or a local councillor to come to your event, enjoy a cup of tea with your guests and talk about their role.


EqualiTeas is not just about sharing stories, it’s also about creating debate and encouraging people to think about their democracy.

There’s still plenty to discuss and debate today about those people who can’t vote in the UK today – refugees or prisoners, for example – and the importance of getting everyone involved with democracy. You could also start a discussion about people in other countries who are denied the right to vote.

Start a debate!

Your EqualiTeas pack, which will be sent to you after you register your event, will include a set of debate cards. You can use these cards to start a debate at your event in lots of ways:

  • Place a debate card on everybody’s saucer to start a discussion
  • Or put a card on each table, and encourage your guests to discuss each one
  • Hold a formal debate – choose one or two topics and ask people to think about whether they would be for or against it

It may be worth going the extra mile and reminding your guests of a few ground rules before starting the debate. This will ensure that the debates are kept friendly and everybody feels welcome to take part.


EqualiTeas is a celebration of the 1928 Equal Franchise, which gave men and women the right to vote on the same basis. As well as sharing stories and debating democracy today, don’t forget to use your event to celebrate this important milestone in our democratic history.

Board game

Stir up some friendly table rivalry with our EqualiTeas board game, which will be found in your Host’s pack. Follow the journey to the vote and beyond.

Your democracy icon

Ask your guests to bring a picture, or simply write down the name of, their democracy icons before your EqualiTea. Make sure you have a wall or a space to stick them to, and encourage your guests to tell others about their democracy icon and why they chose them. You could even make it into a game with different people trying to work out who each person’s democracy icon would be.

Planning your event


There are loads of ways that you can promote your EqualiTea. You can produce leaflets or posters, let people know on social media or phone your local paper or radio station. Find out whether there are local listings for your area and see whether they will add your event.


If you are on social media, don’t forget to let people know about your event while it’s happening. Use our hashtag #EqualiTeas to let others know about your brilliant event.

Take photos, but make sure you have permission of those included in the photos and that you let them know where they’ll end up. You’ll find an EqualiTeas placard in your Host’s pack that people can use in their photos.


Don’t forget to thank those who attended your event, especially anyone who was invited to speak to your guests.

Top tips for writing about EqualiTeas

  • Keep it short and simple. Make sure that people understand what it is and why it’s worthwhile for them to come.
  • Don’t forget to tell people the time and date, where it’s happening, and whether there’s a cost (even if it’s just a suggested donation for tea, coffee and cake).
  • Do you want people to book? In which case, don’t forget to let them know how!
  • Can you add a contact number or email address?
  • Think about accessibility. Are there any barriers to getting into your venue? What can you do to make it more accessible?
  • Similarly, let people know about transport and parking. How can they get there? Where’s the nearest car park?
  • Try to be as inclusive as possible. You want as many people to come, so don’t exclude them before they get there. Think about the language you’re using, and any images you put in your publicity.